Funding Your MWEE

The most sustainable MWEEs are often embedded in school curriculum and supported with school district resources. Also, when planning your MWEE, look for local sites (i.e. school grounds or nearby parks and streams) and/or existing resources (i.e. planned field trips or events, or materials and equipment in classrooms or storage facilities), to reduce the amount of additional funding required. For those MWEEs that incorporate new off-campus trips, specialized supplies, or other resources not currently available, the school and local community can be a great source for funding. Consider asking your PTA or parents for ideas. Neighborhood organizations, local nonprofits, and local businesses will often donate supplies, equipment, or time, and may offer easy-to-manage small grants with very little paperwork.

There may also be funding from external sources, including grants from federal and state governments, businesses and corporations, and private foundations. Some school districts have grants coordinators to assist in these efforts while other smaller districts may explore how local partners can support both grant writing and project management. For ideas, visit our Funding page to see available grants in your area.

While grants are wonderful to help kick-start a project, they are not meant to provide long-term support. In fact, many grantmakers ask for a sustainability plan as a part of their application process. Review our Sustaining your MWEE page for ideas on how to generate excitement and momentum that can lead to a sustained MWEE.