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Providing educators with information about funding opportunities, field studies, curriculum guides and lesson plans related to environmental education. Bay Backpack helps educators find the tools they need to give their students Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences, or MWEEs.

An adult and child planting in a wetland restoration.

What is a MWEE?

Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences, or MWEEs, are the cornerstone upon which the region’s environmental literacy efforts have been built. MWEEs connect standards-based classroom learning with outdoor field experiences to create a deeper understanding of the environment. Through MWEEs, students of all ages develop a sense of environmental ethics and stewardship that will be essential to the long-term sustainability of our local watersheds and will serve as the foundation of a lifelong relationship with the environment.

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Popular MWEE Resources for Educators

Teaching Resources

Discover a wealth of environment-related books, multimedia, curriculum guides, individual lesson plans and data sources.

Action Projects

Effectively plan, utilize & sustain a wide variety of school environmental projects.

Field Experiences

Find a field trip that gets your students' feet wet and hands dirty.

Need funding for your MWEE?

Find grant programs in your state.

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