Action Projects

Engaging students in action projects that address problems in their communities and schools helps them master curriculum content by making meaningful connections between what they are learning and the real world.

Action projects are essential to both MWEE and sustainable schools efforts. MWEE action projects fall into one or more of the following categories: Restoration and Protection, Community Engagement, Civic Engagement, and Everyday Choices. Actions for sustainable school initiatives can be organized using the three Pillars of the Green Ribbons Schools program: Reducing Environmental Impact, Improving School Health and Wellness, and Advancing Environmental and Sustainability Education.

Explore the action categories that best fit your program’s goals or, explore them all! Each action project page is designed to help you and your students formulate ideas, plan, and implement a community solution or intervention. Also, review the Action Basics page for a general framework to follow for implementing solutions. Remember, action projects, especially during MWEEs, should be student-directed so students are involved in all steps of the process.

On each action page there are tips for increasing student voice and direction throughout the action process. Ideas on how to connect the action to a MWEE or support a Green Ribbon or sustainable school initiative are also included.

Explore Action Projects