School Energy Efficiency Strategies

Did you know the nation’s over 17,000 K-12 school districts spend more than $8 billion annually on energy (more than is spent on computers and textbooks combined)? States spend more on energy than any other school-related expense, aside from personnel. As much as 30% of a district’s total energy is used inefficiently, which has a significant impact: In addition to wasting money, using 1 kWH of electricity can result in over two pounds of carbon dioxide being emitted! In contrast, ENERGY STAR certified schools use 35% less energy than typical buildings and emit 35% less carbon dioxide.

Through simple changes in behavior, a significant reduction in school energy usage can be achieved quickly and easily. In fact, a school that engages in good energy practices can end up using over one-third less energy than the average school! By implementing energy conservation measures and using energy efficient technologies, schools can easily reduce energy bills by 5-20% without significant capital investment. Even better, school districts can use the savings from lower energy bills to pay for building upgrades that enhance the health and quality of the learning environment. Learn more about opportunities to create fun and efficient energy savings programs at your school!

Tip: Also visit our National & State Green School Programs page to learn more about local and national Green School programs and resources to help you improve the health & sustainability of your school!

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