Developing Your MWEE

This section will highlight how to begin designing a MWEE. The way that MWEEs are designed and implemented may change over time as an educator gains experience and personal insights, but this section provides some basic tools to help think, plan, and evaluate a MWEE.

“Partnerships provide opportunities for teachers and students to experience the natural world beside those who live and breathe practical environmental literacy on a daily basis.”
- Jonathan Wickert, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
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Steps to Develop Your MWEE

Step 1: Think

This section walks through some big-picture questions that are important to keep in mind as a backdrop to planning.

Step 2: Plan

This section introduces the Environmental Literacy Model (ELM), which helps develop a plan for a MWEE and situate it into the existing curricular program.

Step 3: Evaluate

This section offers an opportunity to review the planned program against the MWEE definition and reflect on the process. It also introduces resources that can help formally evaluate an environmental education program.