More Habitat Project How-To's: Excellent State-Specific Resources

Natasha Beck of Frederick, Md., and her daughter Lauren Beck, 11, of Girl Scouts Troop 81534 participate in a tree planting

In addition to the project instructions featured in our Install Features for Wildlife section, there are many excellent local and regional resources with detailed instructions for building, installing and maintaining hundreds of species-specific projects! Visit the links below to find project templates, instructions and more to attract and support wildlife throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Find a Local Cooperative Extension

The Cooperative Extension System is a nationwide educational network that is a collaboration of federal, state and local governments and a state land-grant university. Extensions provide detailed information and resources on animal, plant, agriculture and wildlife topics (and more): best plant choices, pests and pest control, sustainable landscaping, habitat project instructions and much more. Extension offices also offer one-on-one assistance for questions. Every U.S. state and territory has a central state Extension office at its land-grant university. Each state Extension also serves its residents through a network of local or regional offices staffed by professionals in their field.

State Wildlife Habitat Resources

Check out these excellent local instructional resources on attracting, supporting and (if necessary) rescuing regional wildlife species, including species-specific habitat project instructions.

University of Delaware Extension: Livable Landscapes
Delaware Nature Society
Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife
Delaware Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators & Educators
Tri-State Bird Rescue

University of Maryland Extension: Wildlife & Plants
Maryland Wild Acres: Wildlife Habitat Projects
Maryland Naturalist Organizations
Maryland Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
Bees of Maryland Field Guide

New York:
NY State Dpt Environmental Conservation: Biodivesity & Species Conservation
NY State Dpt of Environmental Conservation: Wildlife Rehabilitators
NY Audubon: Create a Bird-Friendly Habitat

Penn State Extension: Habitat Management
Pennsylvania Game Commission: Habitat
Pennsylvania Association of Wildlife Rehabilitators

VA Dept of Game & Inland Fisheries: Habitat Projects, Rescue, Nuisance Wildlife
The Wildlife Center of Virginia: Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Wildlife Rescue League (rescue & rehab)

Washington DC:
DC Department of Energy & the Environment
DC School Gardens Program
City Wildlife
Project Noah: DC Wildlife Citizen Science
Second Chance Wildlife Center (rescue & rehab)
Wildlife Rescue League (rescue & rehab)

West Virginia:
West Virginia Dept Natural Resources: Landscaping for Wildlife
West Virginia Wildlife Rehabilitators

Regional / National Wildlife Resources

Check out these regional and national resources for creating or enhancing wildlife habitats (some are also featured on individual project pages).