Choosing Native Plants

Yellow Moth

You’ve decided to design a project with native plants, but what’s the next step? You don’t need expertise with gardening or familiarity with native plants to create a successful, sustainable project. Once you’ve assessed the conditions at your intended project site (e.g., sun, moisture, etc.) and determined your project goal (e.g., wetland, butterfly garden, meadow, etc.), you can move on to choosing appropriate plants. Native plants are typically hearty and forgiving; if you plant the wrong amount, or decide some plants would be better in another spot, go ahead and make the necessary changes. Also remember the native gardening tip “Sleep, Creep, Leap”: typically the first year plants “sleep” while getting established; the second year they start to fill in; and the third year expect a big, blooming success! Use these tools to easily choose native plants for your project: