Project Design & Preparation Basics

Monarch butterfly cocoon hanging on a leaf. The butterfly's wing patterns are visible through the transparent chrysalis.

Project Plans, Plants & Supplies, Budget How-To’s

Now that you and your team have worked your way through the initial planning and site assessment process, you’re ready to design your project in five simple steps! The first step is to take a moment and familiarize yourself – and your team – with the basic principles of schoolyard habitat design. Regardless of formality, all projects should include the following principles: native plants, ecological impact, long-term use, achievable maintenance, and attractive appearance. Next you and your team will draw your project plan, choose plants and develop a planting map. You will also learn how to determine what other supplies may be necessary, how to calculate soil and mulch quantities, how to develop a budget, and opportunities to fund and supply your project. Let’s get started!

  1. Design Basics: Principles of Schoolyard Habitat Design
  2. Draw Your Project Plan
  3. Choose Plants & Create a Planting Map
    (Note: Check instructions on specific project page)
  4. Additional Materials:
  5. Money Matters: