Connecting to Curriculum

Review tools to help you connect your program to the curriculum

The MWEE Curriculum Anchor component is about planning your program so it supports learning goals. This could include integrating it into classroom curriculum, helping to meet standards, and connecting to school-based, organization, or state initiatives. Regardless of whether your program happens in the classroom, during an afterschool program, or with a green team, it should feel fully integrated and connected to the larger learning goals.

The Curriculum Anchor planning component also includes identifying potential partners and outdoor field experiences and selecting a locally-relevant environmental issue.

Curriculum Anchor is one the primary components, in addition to Issue Investigation and Informed Action, of the Environmental Literacy Model (ELM) Planning Document used to think through the details of a MWEE. This planning component supports the MWEE supporting practices of Local Context and Learning Integration. Even if you are not planning a MWEE, you might find the tools on this page helpful.

Curriculum Anchor planning tools

Think Cloud

Use this tool to guide you through initial brainstorming of program ideas, partners and resources.

Chesapeake Bay Program Learn the Issues

Use this online resource to learn about and identify environmental issues that are locally relevant to your students. During your program, this resource could be used by upper elementary to high school students to learn more about the chosen issue.

Environmental Literacy Model

Continue to revisit the ELM as you and your students plan and implement your program. In the Curriculum Anchor section of the ELM, you will list out your learning objectives, standards, and curriculum connections. You will also use this tool to describe the locally-relevant environmental issue your students will investigate and the broad, open-ended driving question which your students will answer with the supporting questions in the Issue Investigation section. Check out ELM examples from completed MWEEs in the Teacher Resources section.