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Life in the Chesapeake Bay - A "Meaningful Watershed Experience" Program

Compare marine vertebrate and invertebrate phyla to discover the amazing diversity of life in the Bay. Identify and classify live and preserved specimens such as sea stars, anemones, whelks and crabs, as well as bony and cartilaginous fish. Animal adaptations and survival strategies are emphasized.

Organization(s): Virginia Living Museum
Location: 524 J Clyde Morris Boulevard Newport News, VA 23601 (Map It)
Theme(s): Habitats and Critters, History and Culture, Pollution and Pressures, Land Use and Agriculture
Level(s): Middle School, High School
Program Length(s): Day Trips
Keywords: adaptation, watershed, blue crab, ecosystem and biomes, habitat and niche, predator prey relationships, stream study, water quality, water testing, wildlife, fish
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